2k1 May 29 - 3:51 PM HST
Egads - it surely felt like a monday @ work. Rude, uppity tourist coming in to browse and criticize our wares. To be blunt, my patience is practically a whore. >_< arrgh! It's tuesday - these people are a day late!

Days like this make me wish I were back in school...

Weather was pretty nice today, tho' I wasn't given much opportunity to enjoy it. I'd say it's 'bout 78F with light trades coming in from the southeast. Hopefully it'll stay light until 7:30pm again. I love those early summer evenings that are perfect for BBQ dinners...*sigh*

Whilst perusing the assortment of diaries here I came across an interesting one through a link via hawkdrum's profile. Kissacod wrote of ultra-sensitivity and cosmic forces at work last week - I thought it was just me! Over the past week poor Feda has been getting his head smacked (literally) and practically for no reason. *sigh* at least I know it's not just me. Perhaps, it's cosmic forces at work though those idiot customers. Hmmm...

Feda and I went to see "Pearl Harbor" last night. I'd give it a 7 - the love story was a too melodromatic and there could've been a little more focus on some of the other featured characters' backgrounds.

On a brighter note, I start work at 3pm tomorrow! Woohoo - I can cruise all morning and watch trashy tv until lunch! ^_^ Almost as good as a sick day...