Zipper schmipper - I need a box of safety pins
2k1 June 4 - 10:06 PM HST
blah blah blah - blah blah! FEH!

I am bored - practically out of my mind and most definitely enough to have spent the past two hours online - for no reason, really, since I actually went online to do something productive.

My favorite skirt is kaput - danged zipper has separated and yet is technically fixable (I hope) though I can't seem to find much information on those "how-to" sites aside from deconstructing the garment. Uh yeah, like I can actually do that in the 10 hours I have 'til work. *sigh* Seems like I'm going to have to search my decrepit closet tonight...ughmo.

I miss Feda. I miss Feda a LOT. I miss Feda tremendously. He's off in the big city for a SQL course/class/seminar and having a load of fun at the same time. Shopping - strolling in Waikiki - cruising around @ Pearlridge...*hmpfh* Hah - he'll have to return to this rustic town in less than a week! Still, I miss him loads - yesh, I do. 'specially when I've got that nagging little itch right in the center of my shoulder blade that only he and his talented fingers can scratch.

Egads - I need to gather more interesting material and neat-O facts for our website. I need the hits! Mebbe I'll experience another brush with celebrity soon - perhaps even a crash with _a_ celebrity. Nah, this is rustic Hilo - Kona side is where celebrities get caught up in notorious scandals involving naughty waitresses or naughty herbs. I don't think I have a good chance of witnessing someone going through a "whitney" anytime soon. Damn, how am I ever going to live my NARC fantasies? I want to be a whistleblower! *tweet*

okie - rambling on again. Hmmm...I am having a Spam musubi craving. Mmmm...Spam musubi and Nori chicken! Ack - how come my okazu attacks always occur at night?

Feda come home soon - safely - but soon!

[update!] - I still miss Feda!