That alien hitcher thingie
2k1 June 7 - 11:53 PM
hot & muggy - bleagh!

I am in a mopey mood tonight. I miss Feda more than I believed I would. Tonight's phone call was tough - 'specially the 'goodbye' part. =(

I had a chance to catch the MTV Movie Awards earlier tonight and was surprised that it did not brighten my mood. Oh yeah, Kristin Dunst was one of the hosts. I dunno why but I have a slight problem with these gifted-young-kid-actors-turned-awkward-young-adult-actors. Perhaps it's that they showed such stunning brightness at such a young age that it's hard to keep the brilliance throughout puberty and it's awkward metamorphic effects. Perhaps I just have a problem with Kristin Dunst and Natalie Portman specifically. I dunno. Suffice it to say that I didn't watch the program for very long - my laundry was calling.

Egads - I've used the word awkward twice in previous sentences and I keep wondering if I'm spelling it correctly...

I think I shall watch a DVD before I slumber. It's a tossup between "The Thing," "The Hitcher," or "Aliens." Ah yes, the sweet, soothing sounds of guns, aliens and screaming victims to lull me off to sleep...

English tip of the year:

They are = they're, you are = you're, we are = we're

Adios muchachos - aloha oe - oyasumi nasai