Pig & elephant DNA just won't splice!
2k1 June 12 - 4:50 p.m.
woohoo - Feda is back! ^_^ I'm all cheery and happy and all that other mushy stuff...

Egads - it is hot and muggy and clouds are beginning to coagulate above, making me think that it's going to rain tonight. Ick. Shelly & humidity just don't mix - just like pig & elephant DNA.

I wore a lime green tank top to work today. Wow - my first foray into the citrus realm worked out alright. I gave up wearing pastels - 'specially salmon and lemon - in the 9th grade, circa 1985. Uh yeah, I was a victim of that wannabe-European-music-star trend. The summer before 8th grade, I remember being so excited when I found a neat-O blue dress shirt that came _with_ a skinny leather (faux?) tie at the Ala Moana JC Penney's - PLUS, a matching grey sweater vest! AI YAH!

I had a neat-O daydream this morning at work that involved me winning a big lottery. Of course, the prize was tax free - haha! I envisioned myself spending hordes of money through the Pottery Barn kids catalog - for myself! They've got coordinated room decor - wonderful themes with wonderful colors. Matching night lights! When I was very young I had a Peanuts sheet and pillowcase set that I thought was fantastic. There was no matching slipcover, no duvet, no bedskirt, no valance or drapery and heaven forbid, a lamp. Damn those sinful marketers and home fashion coordinators!

Gotta go and feed the doggies - aloha!