Stupid people shouldn't drive.
2k1 June 20 - 10:29 am
Stupid people shouldn't drive

Thank goodness for night shifts! I needed to be able to appreciate the morning sunlight at least once this week. My dreamy tan (ech) has faded to the point where veins are visible on my legs! ack! Thank goodness for SPF 45!

I am in a mood for some good Korean chicken wings so Feda and I will hopefully make it over to Kay's Lunch Shop for (hehe) lunch today. My second choice is sushi 'tho Ocean Sushi will probably be packed to the gills at noon. Hmmm...perhaps I can get some takeout Korean chicken AND Sushi and have a little picnic!

Rant of the day (so far): Teenaged drivers are stupid. Plain and simple, they lack common sense. Time after time I hear and see them racing up and down my street, a 35mph zone, at 40+mph just to get through this quarter-mile stretch an eensy bit faster. I've contemplated asking the Police or the State Traffic Department to place one of those huge radar equipped mobile electronic signs that say "the speed limit is 35mph and you are going ___." Yeah, that would be good. When I've been woken up from a deep sleep at 3am by a nutbrain and his souped-up piece of tin racing up the street I think of the wonderful tire spike strips the police use during high speed pursuits. *vrrrrooom.....POP*

It's not just the annoyance of their high-performing engines late at night or their sound systems booming and vibrating windows and annoying the neighborhood dogs - hey, I played percussion in high school and I _Wanted_ 15" woofers in my jeep but that was back in high school. More importantly, it's the street racing phenomenon that's stupid. If you want to prove you've got balls and a kick-ass car that can go 100mph, do it on your own private property. I don't appreciate my tax dollars being spent on scraping your dumb ass up during a "tragic" accident by hard-working Emergency personnel. It's not tragic when you make the choice to dare death by strapping yourself (if you are the seatbelt-wearing sort) into an aluminum frame covered by fiberglass and plastic and test your driving capabilities - it's stupid. It's also stupid to not take into account that perhaps there could be other people on the street or that alcohol could possibly impair your vision and reflexes.

Amazingly, this phenomenon gets so much more popular during graduation time. I can't imagine that these teens do not know about collisions and injuries and death. I'm almost 30 years old and can remember those ABC Afterschool Specials about drunk driving back when I was in elementary school. Has technology evolved that much over the past 20 years that makes it safer for people to be in collisions? I don't think so. Stupid people shouldn't drive.