i AM a consumer
2k1 June 22 - 11:15am
Day two of rest and relaxation: all is well this morning. The sky is blue, clouds are white and fluffy, Harriet is snoozing and I'll have some Butter Mochi in a short while!

Ah yes, butter mochi...weird as it may sound, it tastes divine! It may even top Chocolate mochi, possibly...

Last night's showing at Movie Night was "Chariots of Fire." A good film about the paths of two British athletes on their way to the Olympic games. It stirred up some memories of 5th grade and group dates...

Ai yah - today is payday! WOOHOO! What the heck am I doing indoors, in front of this skin-bleaching monitor when I have money dying to be spent? Eep, I gotta pay for some bills first - yeah, gotta be a good girl - THEN, I can be a consumer!

Gotta love them payday, off-from-work fridays!

Many mahalos to Feda for the kick-ass logo @ top! He will be tweaking this site until it becomes as edgy as he is - watch for it!

5:18pm -This just in! ---> Feda has a diary!