Saturday night fever
2k1 June 24 - 1:08 a.m.
Egad - this is the first time in eons that I've been able to maintain conciousness after midnight after working a long shift. WOW!

Time at work today went relatively swiftly considering that traffic was pretty light. Feda, his brother and his brother's girlfriend spent the day at the mall doing various activities that required the expenditure of money. Throughout the day I would receive short visits from them whilst trying to keep busy with 'work.' I think they spent more time in the store than all the customers I helped. Yep - it was that kinda day...

"Swordfish" was tonight's main event at the Prince Kuhio Plaza Megaplex (hey, does seven screens qualify it as a megaplex?). Good film - Hugh Jackman! What the heck is up with John Travolta's incisors? Entertaining, indeed. Feda enjoyed Halle Berry's endowments immensely: "well worth the $750,000."

Presently, Feda and his cohorts are creating a naughty little photo series involving stuffed chickens, an egg and a South Park character. must be getting a little late.

Casper Woo's 'Wild Thing' tattoo is giving Feda some naughty ideas. [mental note: must confer w/Casper about said tattooed breast to confirm possessor]

Here's wishing sunday is filled with friendly, generous, wealthy souls willing to part with hundreds, even thousands, of dollars for some shiny, sparkly baubles lovingly gift-wrapped by moi. If not, then I hope it goes by fast so that I may return home to watch some 'Sex and the City' while eating a nice hearty dinner.

^_^ ja mata ne!