Ricky Martin's chocolate cannonballs
2k1 June 26 - 4:29 pm HST
Oh Ricky what a pity you don't understand - you take me by the heart when you take me by the hand... I wanted to be like one of those cheerleaders in that Toni Basil video. 'specially like that big Oompa Loompa lookin' meanie that pumps her fist with mucho gusto - she can kick ass!

Egads - I'm practically swooning over a picture of Ricky Martin. Mind you, it's a longtime crush from back when Menudo was THE boyband. Ah yes, such innocent days when love was compared to chocolate candy and cannonballs, when florescent cotton net shirts were stylin'...

*swoosh* back to 2001: I am listening to Ricky's "A Medio Vivir" and trying not to shake my bonbon too much as the dogs will think I'm a little tetched. Well, they'll run for cover anyway. =

= emoticons...gotta love 'em. Sometimes vocabulary alone can't transmit emotion properly and yet voila with some creativity you can make someone actually get your joke! wow! m/ <--- shaka

The weather is kinda crappy right now - warm but very cloudy and gray. It drizzled on the way home from work and I expect it to start pouring just as soon as I head outside to feed the other doggies. Just as soon as Lola decides to be 'jumpy' after running through the foliage in the back yard and Quincy has finished his roll in the dirt pile. Yep - my dogs love me that much! Poor kiddos probably think that they're doing me a favor by making me smell like them...

Okay - enough Ricky for today. Playing "Zankoku na Tenshi no Theses" from Neon Genesis Evangelion, the most kick-ass anime I've ever seen. This song makes me want to re-learn Japanese just so that I can sing it properly! Well, it's made me dig out my crusty old dictionary anyway.

Ai yah - Quincy, Lola and Pups are cranky. I gotta feed 'em before a riot erupts!