NeoGeo Pocket Feda - comes in 16 different moods and now, even more pixelated!
2k1 June 29 - 9:40 pm HST
Ack! It's so hot and muggy that I'm practically sticking to this desk! I hope that this Vornado fan survives long enough to allow me to make this vital entry...

The drive out here to Waikoloa went by quick - mainly because I spent the first half hour playing with my NeoGeo Pocket but mostly 'cause Feda and I had tons of interesting conversation.

Here's a sampling:
Me: why aren't you going faster?
Feda: oh yeah, 55 is the limit
Me: duuh. what a slow-ass.
Feda: oh whatever, quit yer whinin' you hag
Me: make me, you pathetic goat
Feda: I'll make you [censored]
Me: you [censored] up no-good [censored] donkey
Feda: stop it with the obscenities [censored] woman!
[Feda pulls over to the side of the road and we proceed to throw snack foods at each other with such intensity that passers-by slow down to witness the horrible carnage.]

--End scene--

Umm...anyway, now we're here at Feda's house in Waikoloa and it must be about 80F with no trade winds! Virtually an oven!

Wow - there's a black kitten with green eyes mewing outside like it's trying to find its mother. The kitten looks just like Dragon Ball, Feda's cat. Doppelganger!

Today was a so-so day at work, kinda fun-filled yet sad 'cause I didn't quite make my goal. I met a young girl who was visiting from Sacramento, CA, with her family. She was shopping for some Hawaiian jewelry that she wanted for her debutante ball in November. Apparently it's a Mexican tradition for girls to have a 'coming-out' party when they turn 15 years old. Wow - how come I didn't have something like that? I think that it was a big deal when I turned 15 only because I could apply for my driver's permit. Actually, I think I'd rather have my license than a ball. =) But I digress once again! My point of this whole rant about work was that it proves yet again that I make more sales when I plainly don't care about making sales. I think it's a cosmic force or psychic vibe that patrons pick up on when desperation occurs and this sensation causes them to shut their wallets.

I am in a chocolate mood. I wish I had a brick of Big Island Candies' Hawaiian Nut Crunchies - milk chocolate full of macadamia nut chunks and bits of crunchy potato chips. Damn - they closed at 5pm. *sigh* I guess I'll have to settle for a Skor bar.

Tonight's entertainment will be a showing of "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" on DVD with Feda's Mom & Pop. Feda is hoping they don't view the dubbed version. I wish I could drag a kiddie pool filled with ice-cold water in front of their tv that I could relax in.

Be sure to check out Acneboy's diary for some hidden camera shots of the stars of Chicken Run! *gasp* SCANDAL!