woohoo - only 177 days until Christmas!
2k1 July 1 - 4:46 am HST
July?!? It's freakin' July already? Egads - where has June gone? Time is streaking by me and I'm not getting the chance to enjoy it!

I sit here in the dark in Feda's bedroom in Waikoloa typing this as my body burns with such intensity...nope, it's not hormones or anything as hokey as you may think but sunburn. Yep, sunburn. SPF 30 doesn't quite cut it anymore - I need to be buying sunblock with SPF 100. Ack - stretching my arms is arduous and painful. Bachi? Ummm...I hope not. [mental note: go over list of sins committed in past 48 hours] Thankfully Feda isn't quite as scorched as I am - he's quite handy when I need to have some soothing aloe vera gel applied to my neck and back.

Feda and I spent most of the day at Mauna Kea Beach yesterday with his brother, brother's girlfriend and brother's girlfriend's cousins. It was a beautiful day - 'bout 80F and blue skies full of fluffy clouds. The big plus was that the winds weren't as lively as they usually are so sand wasn't blowing all over the place.

On a very positive note, I gave snorkeling a second try yesterday and it was a good experience. Feda and I ventured out about 100 yards off shore to a little reef on one side of the beach and saw colorful reef fish and even a puffer! : A sudden urge to chase the cute fish popped up but then an image of the enlarged/enraged puffer zooming over to poke Feda flashed over me and I changed my mind.

I was a little overwhelmed at first because I couldn't quite stabilize myself in the water. The colorful fish were picking food off the coral and swimming with such coordination - unlike myself - I just hovered around to watch them. Then disorientation set in because my depth perception got fuzzy. I think that motion sickness kicked in after 20 minutes - that's when snorkeling lost its appeal. =( damn genetics!

Plans for tomorrow include a short trip to Kona for some supplies at Costco (maraschino cherries by the gallon!) and Long's Drugs to stock up on glorious aloe vera gel.

Good Nightie!