need a slap? well, step right up 'cause my sunburn is healing!
2k1 July 2 - 4:37 pm HST
Thank the aloe vera gods! Glorious heat-sucking gel! Ice is quite nice until it melts but aloe vera gel kicks ass!

Okie - now with that out of my two of post-traumatic sunburn stress is going relatively well. Work wasn't too harsh - didn't have to lift my arms up very high and thankfully didn't have to do much more than type today. No one came into the store and slapped me for fun - not that they'd survive my quick reflexes. I even had a Coke Icee courtesy of Feda @ lunchtime. :)

I'd forgotten to relay my horrible experience at the Wendy's in Kailua-Kona yesterday afternoon. Feda, his brother and I were driving out there for the trip to Costco and Kmart and we were looking forward to Frostys and lunch. When we entered the eatery there were handwritten signs proclaiming "we are out of sodas - ice tea available" on the two registers. Egads - no KONA?!? It was at least 80F outside, muggy and to top things off, we were suffering from sunburn - no soda?!? So we settled on ice water - no big deal, as long as we could get some biggie Frostys.

Feda's brother ordered his meal first - the chick takes his money then proceeds to walk to the back of the assembly area and talks to a co-worker. After assembling 66.6% of his meal (cup of water and chicken nuggets) the chick comes back and says "oh I'm sorry, our Frosty machine is down." The manager was in the midst of refilling the machine with the Frosty component liquids. Okay - for one thing, it's bad business to not have a good supply of icy drinks in a freakin' beach town but additionally worse when you only have water as an alternate. The manager needs to receive a couple of slaps on the head about that one. An additional dozen slaps should be given for also allowing the cashiers/cash handlers to assemble the burgers and fill the fries. Ick!

I will now make it a point to drive the extra 35 minutes and give my business to the Wendy's in Keauhou.