Global warming, global shmarming - it's only hot here in Hilo!
2k1 July 6 - 3:32 pm HST
This shall be a short entry since it's blazing hot outside and this Vornado isn't helping much to ventilate this oven of a house.

Feda and I start house-sitting today at a bunny-lover's house. These two bunnies are house trained and intelligent to boot so it's more like a mini-vacation for us. Feda is stoked 'cause he has access to a kick-ass home theatre (notice the sophisticated British spelling, reversing the 'e' and 'r') and *gasp* a library of 300 DVDs. Yes, our entertainment needs will be met for the next couple of weeks.

My second day of leisure has slipped past me too fast. I had to pack some clothes this morning and didn't get to watch most of "The People's Court" and this afternoon has been most miserable with the heat and lack of trade winds. To top things off my sunburn is starting to peel - ick, itch, ick, itch.

No Casper Woo dreams last night - no dreams at all, in fact.

I need to stop by 7-11 for a Slurpee...SOON.

Here's hoping that it's a little bit chilly in your part of the world!