Buddy, your waistline is 4" ABOVE your navel, not 4" below it!
2k1 July 11 - 10:30 am HST
Buddy, your waistline is 4" ABOVE your navel, not 4" below it!
Wow - this diary needs to have some life squeezed into it...for its own good!

Feda and I are still house-sitting, house-watching, house-mooching for his coworkers. Ah yes, access to a wonderful home theatre is definitely good. The past 48 hours have been grand - "Billy Elliot" and "Thirteen Days" and "The Wedding Planner" and even a handful of "Sex and the City" episodes!

"Thirteen Days" turned out to be much better than I had expected. It's that Kevin Costner thing - something 'bout him forever being stuck in my mind as 'Lew-ten-ten,' riding a horse and living amongst the Lakota. Feda remarked that the speech writing back in the Kennedy administration wouldn't have the same impact today if President Bush were to use such patriotic phrases. It would come across to the public as "cheesy and dumb."

Oohkay - now here's my Op-Ed part:

I hate visible butt cracks - to be specific, I detest visible butt cracks on display by beefy, oily men. To be absolutely specific, I abhor visible butt cracks on display by beefy, oily, pompous, grating, ignorant men who do not wear underwear that fit. 'specially if said man (gender, not level of mentality) is named Pat. Let's forego social graces and annonymity 'cause it irks me that much. I can give leeway to the blue collar worker whose denim workpants slip a bit whilst hoisting a heavy load of lumber/iron/coal/beer or to the local braddah who's at the beach and wearing his loose surf shorts. With those I don't mind 'cause in 9 of 10 instances the guy will pull up his pants/shorts to cover the cleavage - in the 10th he just might not have a hand free to do so.

Now what about Pat? Every single damn time I've had to see this guy his ass crack is showing - every single time - and he doesn't do a damn thing to fix it! He's likely proud that he has 4 inches of crack displayed and thinks it to be enticing. Enticing to dogs or pigs, perhaps, but not to human females. It's not as if I were looking for it - more like I'm trying to avoid looking anywhere below chest level for fear of having that horrendous image burned onto my retinae. egads - talk about horrible, his poor sweet wife Kim has to deal with that crap every damn time they're out in public...but that's another long entry saved for another day.

Ass crack: don't leave home without it - covered.