Dental emergency! Call Uncle Bob quick!
2k1 July 18 - 4:56 pm HST
Dental emergency! Call Uncle Bob quick!

Monday evening in the midst of conversation with Feda at the Waiakea Food Court I happened to bite into something hard while chewing on my 'dirty rice' from Island Expressions. My immediate thought was LAWSUIT - "I didn't order this with my BBQ ribs, your honor." I spat the intruder out into my napkin and nearly gagged - it turned out to be my gold crown. Egads!

Yeppers - it's good to have a dentist/doctor in the family - in the immediate family, no less. Uncle B has been my dentist since I was born. A little lacking in patronizing greetings and small chit chat but who cares. He tells me straight when I've been a good brusher or when (egads!) I've got to get the hypodermic needle in the cheek.

Typical conversation during a routine cleaning/drilling:
Uncle Bob [searching through drawer of dental torture tools]: so how are your dogs?
Me [straining to see that he's not going for the novocaine section]: mphfle eezo lirdten doo

Uncle Bob [placing strange metal objects atop the little swinging tray]: what? not - cannot be.
Me [looking for the needle]: yurting wenshel zorolee

Uncle Bob [fiddle with sharp pointy dental pick]: yeah, I thought so. Feel any pain now?
Me [trying to block image of tender pink gums]: no

Good ol' Uncle Bob was nice enough to see me this afternoon to re-apply my gold crown onto my sad molar. I thought he would be prepping the drill again but thankfully the crown could be cemented back onto my molar. The bad news is that my wisdom teeth are beginning to stir again and that's probably why my crown was loose. Why now, after 30 years? Don't I have enough wisdom for now?

Crap - I am almost having flashbacks of that bad day in '98 when I was told I would have to undergo a root canal.
Uncle Bob: oh no - you gotta have a root canal on monday - cannot wait.
Me: what? can't you just redo my filling?
Uncle Bob: no. I'll call the guy right now.

The root canal experience was enough to last me a lifetime. If I was in the running for a beauty pageant and needed a platform then dental health would be it: Forget ending world hunger 'cause without your teeth you can't eat. Who's going to understand your mumbling if you don't have teeth? You should just forget about forging international friendships if you don't have healthy choppers!

In other news...
Tuesday was a good day, great by comparison to monday. The very first customer of the day turned out to be a sweet romantic man shopping for a gift for his wife. They were celebrating their 26th year together and he wanted to get her something special. I gave him pricing information because I was under the impression that he'd just started to look for the gift and then he pops out his Mastercard and says "I'll take it!" =) No runaround - no phony stuff about how she'd better not ask him for anything else this year - nothing about how she rides a broom for a living. Just "I'll take it." wonderful!