Whew-hew! The tooth is safe...for now.
2k1 July 23 - 4:21 pm HST
Wew-hew! I had a 20 minute appointment at Uncle Bob's (aka the dentist) this afternoon that went trauma-free. In Uncle Bob-fashion he told me that the wisdom tooth would have to be removed before he could put a new crown on my molar lest I do the reverse and have to re-fit it when I would eventually have the damned tooth removed after it broke through the gums, etc. To this, I pictured my molar wailing "freedom" and "Viva la revolucion" as it marched off leaving me a bloody mess...igh.

Good news is that the wisdom removal can wait until after my trip to Oregon next month. I am not in any forseeable imminent pain if I wait a bit.

Work was work in typical monday fashion. The idiots were loose in the streets of Hilo again. Fortunately I didn't have to help many as JoAnn answered all the weirdo phone calls and somehow picked the oddballs to assist. hehehe...

Feda and I have to pack our bags tonight as our housesitting job is coming to an end tomorrow. Alas, gone will be the days of doing absolutely nothing productive in practically no clothes. Damn.

Feda has been slightly obsessed with these multi-articulated "action" figures of Neon Genesis Evangelion EVAs. He picked his second one up last week - a model of Shinji's EVA, #01. I caught him posing the first one in front of Space books, taking photos of it as if it were a live model. The pictures actually turned out pretty neat-O - as if the EVA was landing on the moon, ready to fend off attacking Angels. Egads - this kid has too much imagination for his own good.

Toodles - the dogs are hollerin' outside and I must feed them before it rains again.