Curious goods!
2k1 July 27 - 10:45 am HST
SciFi channel is having a mini-marathon of Friday the 13th - the series today on Inhumanland.

I am currently viewing a two-parter, "The Quilt of Hathor," about a cursed quilt that brings a lonely, scorned, unwed Penetite woman power to make her love dreams come true. Effie Stokes is infatuated with the handsome Reverend but, as his daughter so puts it, "she's so plain, it's no wonder my father hasn't noticed her."

True, Effie's dreams involve the untimely deaths of female Penetites who're trashing her chances at an arranged marriage before she's an old maid but hey, what is a single homely girl to do in a world that forbids technology?

Someone give her a computer and an unlimited ISP account - STAT!

She wields a deadly blanket and looks a mite pooped after a hard day's work in the barn - uh, oh, Jeremiah has picked Sarah to be his wife! Aiyah!

The world should be happy I have Feda...