2k1 July 31 - 11:05 pm HST
Wow - July is a mere 45 minutes from it's departure. 14 days until my birthday, 10 days until Feda's, and more excitingly, 7 until I plant my feet on Oregon soil --- Yeehaw! My first real vacation in six years - my first return to the continental US in six years - my first trans-Pacific plane ride in six years...eep!

err...yeah. Anyway, I've spent the past four hours online searching for touristy things to do in Corvallis and Portland, a somewhat challenging task as we won't be supplied with an infinite sum of tender to play with. Ah yes, my McDonald's Monopoly gameboard hasn't yielded anything more than a couple of Breakfast sandwiches and a bunch of Apple Pies. Criminy - wonder if my IRS check will arrive in the next four days? damn. oh well.

I have hopes of visiting the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry , the Oregon Air & Space Museum and the Oregon Zoo. I wanted to visit a few National Parks and do some outdoorsy activities but time restraints nixed those plans so they'll have to wait until next year. Our week of Oregon is actually only 4 days of sightseeing.

At least I have some time off from work after returning from Oregon to just veg and relax. I need a break from that hell hole, if only just to spend time watching DVDs, reading the paperbacks I've got stockpiled in my room or completing the cross stitch project I've been eeking out for the past year. Am I seeking mindless bliss? nope - just a mental break from retail drudgery.

Two weeks away from pesky, needy people - two weeks when I get to be the patron and be patronized!