Feda need cave!
2k1 August 2 - 2:18 pm


Ack! How could I forget to mention the househunting?!? Sheesh - the mind goes with age.

Anyhoos, Feda and I have re-started our househunting. We met a realtor during lunch to see a house out in Paradise Park (hehe) that is available. It is a neat little two bedroom cottage that is in the middle of the Ohia forest in Keaau. The problem is that at noon the house was like an oven, a humid oven to boot. There is only about 5 feet of lawn around three sides of the house before the forest starts so air circulation is pretty bad.

The realtor mentioned that he'd considered installing a ceiling fan in the living room but never got around to it - heh, what is that supposed to mean? That is a huge problem considering what a heat mongrel I am. I know, add a few Vornado fans and there should be some circulation but hey, I don't want to be paying $100+ for electricity every month.