Danger ahead: broken glass!
2k1 August 2 - 2:02 pm HST

Danger ahead: broken glass!

Morpheus discovered - mp3 heaven! I can now figure out if the song "that goes like that" is actually that song that so-and-so is talking about. heh.

Mugginess rules here in Hilo at the moment - fleeting sunshine in the morn and now patchy grey clouds hover. 100% humidity, no doubt.

Hulihuli (Hawaiian rotisserie) chicken with potato-mac salad and icy cold Cokes for lunch - with Feda!

Trashy tabloid shows vs. home improvement stuff on Discovery channel? Hmmm...tough decision.

Cross stitch project tops the list of activities with Oregon preparations dead last (ie laundry).

Movie recommendations of the day:
American Werewolf in London
The Bear
Crocodile Dundee
A Fish Called Wanda
The Last Dragon

This is a Broken Glass kinda day...

Broken Glass
3 boxes (3oz size) Jell-O, various flavors

Dissolve each box of Jell-O separately in 1C boiling water and chill until set.

1 pkg. Knox, unflavored gelatin
C cold water
C pineapple juice
2 bottles (1 pint) Avoset whipping cream
C sugar

In large bowl dissolve unflavored gelatin in cold water, then add pineapple juice. In a separate bowl whip the Avoset, then add sugar. Mix gelatin mixture into the whipped cream. Cut pre-made Jell-O into large cubes and add to this mixture. Spread Jell-O mixture in a 9x13" cake pan and chill until set, about 1 hours.

Cut into squares to serve; good served on pound cake.