this shtoopid journal
2k1 August 5 - 11:29 pm HST
Last night was spent at a family dinner that included cousins from the mainland whom I hadn't seen, in most cases, since I was a pre-teen. Nostalgia was overflowin: kids were giggling - uncles chugged beers and guffawed about 'small kid time' - aunties gossiped and laughed over embarassing childhood moments. The evening came and went too soon - I found myself hoping that another reunion was just around the corner.

I had initial hopes of using the dinner party to glean more genealogy information or at least extend my contact list but those tasks were quickly set aside once conversation flowed.

--- cherry cola break ---

In a moment of frustration I vowed to Feda the other day that I wouldn't create another entry here because of no traffic/visits. Surprisingly I found myself entering my musings anyway - just for the heck of it. This site has become my latest obsession - hoping that quirky things will happen that I can relate to people around the planet. Assuming that people will actually read Baka na shinbun - "this stupid journal."

Yesh --- Mutts!