Aloha oe, Veda!
2k1 Aug 15 - 7:46 am HST
I am thir-ty, oh yeah, I'm thir-ty. I don't feel ohh-old, just ti-red and lay-zee. =) 'cause I'm thirty - thirty years old!

Egads - lemme sit down 'cause that was a little too straining. > My Bday went well - an uneventful day (read: no wild and crazy antics or thrill rides in the car with Feda) spent hanging out with my best bud who just happened to give me some thoughtful and kickass gifts. Feda made a beach/book tote that was decorated with two colorful goby he created himself. Inside the tote was a copy of Jamie Oliver's cookbook (the Naked Chef is our newest obsession), a set of tarot cards (I'll make gazillions with my 1-900#) and a DVD of Ricky Martin's European tour.

Ahhh yes, my man knows me well.

I am at Feda's wonderful Waikoloa home for the next couple of days. We decided to trek over here to hole up with his family before his brother leaves for the mainland on thursday. Oh yeah, almost forgot the weather report: scattered clouds in the dolphin-blue sky, sunshine all around and feisty trade winds!

Feda's twin, let's call him Veda, is leaving for Santa Monica tomorrow. Yeppers, he's leaving this rock and heading off for school. We are going to miss him dearly - Feda moreso 'cause they've got that mystical twin bond and stuff. I think Veda will do well out there and hey, it's a reason for us to travel out there! Today should be filled with more laziness (I love vacation) and assisting Veda with his packing.