two eggs, two pieces bacon and a pile of hash browns....and toast!
2k1 Aug 28 - 4:43 AM HST
So much for a good night's sleep...I've been on this dang-fangled contraption for the past four and-a-half hours snooping around and doing only slightly constructive things. ughmo. This is going to lead to a day of laziness, I just know it!

I've been thinking about the 401(k) plan again and wondering if 10% is going to be too much for me to have withheld from each paycheck. I suppose that I could adjust it after the first quarter has passed if I end up having to scrimp after paying bills each month. Damn - responsibility takes too much effort sometimes.

Everyone at work is going through a hair phase - cuts, coloring, highlighting, tinting, straightening. I toyed with the idea of chopping my locks in response to the heat and humidity but then I thought it would be neat-o to see just how long it'll be by Christmas. Plus, I want to be the non-conformist and have 'old hair' in the holiday pictures...heh.

adios amigos - oyasumi nasai - aloha kakahiaka!

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