hooray for Labor Day!
2k1 Sept 2 - 10:07 PM HST
Quote of the day:
"If stupidity was hurting, you'd be hurting all over" - Lisa's pops

Lisa is my coworker who today gave me the "cliff's notes" version of the Tupac Conspiracy. Hell, I thought Tupac was gone but apparently, according to the "7 day theory" he is purported to be living the high life in Jamaica. Without a lung? Hmmm....ohkay.

for your perusal Google search about the Tupac conspiracy

My Labor Day celebrations will include a 9-hour shift at work during which I will undoubtedly imbibe in several caffeine-loaded beverages, munch on some tasty Act II Kettle Corn, read a chapter of a do-it-yourself HTML book I got three years ago, eat some Nori chicken and discuss further the Tupac Conspiracy theory (TCT). *a swig of icy cold Coke in honor of all us working folk* Oh yeah, and help the occasional customer who wanders into the store despite all the activities going on down at the park and beaches.

Today's neat-O customer award goes to a young hip Japanese tourist named Akihiro who intrigued me with his funky silver jewelry and pokey hair. He spoke fluent English that was touched with an accent that was half-pidgin and half-Welsh. AKihiro was spending his last day in Hilo buying omiyage and was visiting the Big Island making business contacts with Noni suppliers for his health beverage company.

To all you silly non-working individuals and all non-holiday-working individuals: ENJOY your day off 'cause tuesday is coming up fast!