Feda fell asleep on his arm
2k1 Sep 5 - 11:10 PM HST
Just when you think you've got problems, you read about someone's first day in 8th grade.

Special note to Skye-blue: That filthy liar was probably home schooled in a priviledged family or booted out in 9th grade. Have an icy, cold Coke at lunch tomorrow - the bubbly, caffeinated chill will make your day a little sweeter.

Egads - icky mugginess has returned to Hilo. Currently it is 83F and cloudy with 88% humidity.

I finished my night shift and stepped out from the wintry climate of the Plaza and entered a rainforest minus the trees and monkeys and tropical birds. It is sickening, practically, and I am going to have to run the Vornado all night to be comfortable. damn.

Thankfully, Feda's coworker Elese is lending us her lovely vehicle which is equipped with a kickass AC. This wondrous invention helped to keep me from melting on the way home.

My Grand Wagoneer is being worked on as a project for the Auto Body (aka Automotive Science?) class at Hilo High school. I am fortunate to have multiple mechanics, both professional and hobbyists, in the family and can count on any Uncle to come and fix it when it's not acting right. Earlier this year I had a rebuilt engine installed after I cracked a head on a drive out to Waikoloa. This should've nipped things in the bud but I think I spoke too soon.

After we returned from Portland, Feda and I drove out to Waikoloa and had some weirdo trouble - low idling and uneven acceleration. It turned out that there was an electrical problem that my Uncle Mike fixed but he also noticed some other things that he said could be worked on by his boys at the school. So, YAY, I am having my jeep fixed and at the same time am providing some kids with more education. All I have to do is reimburse my Uncle for parts and toss in a few plate lunches here and there. Hmmm, I wonder if they can do some body work this semester too?

Special note to high schoolers: take Auto Science even if it's for an elective credit - it'll save you THOU$AND$ later in life!

Thank you to Asian American Rising for adding myself and Feda to your links!