Me ke aloha menemene
2k1 September 11 - 1:44 PM HST
This morning I awoke to hear that there was a double plane crash in New York City, involving the World Trade Center. After a few minutes of live news footage I realized that I was experiencing one of those life-altering historical events despite the fact that the events occurred half a planet away. The immediacy of news makes our world a small one and it's difficult not to be affected by the shock of today's terrorist acts and it's horrible aftermath. The destruction of these American landmarks will forever be remembered and so will the reality that tens of thousands, if not millions, of lives were affected by this evil.

The deliberate crashing of the hijacked planes were not senseless acts of violence but acts fueled only by evil will.

Take a moment today to remember those in New York and Washington, DC and then take another moment to remember your family and friends, your neighbors and your pets.