every heart beats to a different drum
2k1 September 15 - 9:57 PM HST
2001 S.I.N. (Stupid Ignorant Narrow-minded) Award goes to Jerry Falwell for his comments on the cause of the WTC Attacks. Read more about it here , here and here.
I am attempting to wean myself off of this non-stop media coverage of the WTC Attacks because of the rollercoaster effects from all these eye-witness accounts and near-death stories told by survivors. It's been weird to fluctuate between contempt for those terrorists and their very un-holy "leader" and empathy for those hurt by the attacks. Empathy is tremendously hard at the moment considering what little life experience I have with terrorist attacks.

As a result, Morpheus has been my second best friend. I've been downloading songs for the past two days to fill my room with music that I can use for contemplation and meditation. Hmmm, I didn't think I'd be the meditating type. Nevertheless, I've found long-lost favorites and new songs that are now on my CD wish list - most are by a neat-O JPop group called Kiroro .

Music saves the day once again.

"step into these shoes they might fit you
see through these eyes, might be the same view
if I'd lived through the same things as you
I'd share the laughs and cry the tears that you do

step into these shoes and feel this heart
step into these shoes, no reason to fight"
--- Howard Jones