nope, there is no "F" in sphygmomanometer
2k1 Sept 19 - 10:18PM HST
Entry #dos nope, there is no "F" in sphygmomanometer

My raindance must've really worked 'cause it was nice and sunny, not to mention humid, on my way to work at three. Note to self: pick up more cinnamon sticks and tomatoes for tomorrow.

The World Trade Center attacks were much discussed at work again. The possibility of finding survivors was mulled after one co-worker mentioned that a news report last night said that the basement levels could very well be stable enough for people to have survived the towers' collapse.

The initial shock has worn off and now there's a feeling of acceptance of this fate and an urgency to have positive things happen.

I suggested to one co-worker that they should eventually make the WTC area a memorial park where people can meditate and contemplate and reflect. I can't possibly imagine that the city would want to resurrect the complex and try to duplicate the structres...let alone how they would reconstruct.

On a brighter note (?) I did manage to be productive at work tonight. Despite the lack of traffic, or perhaps because of it, I managed to get some tedious clerical chores done. Yep, I feel like I earned my pay tonight.

Special note to Acneboy's diaryland stalker: pick up a dictionary at your local bookstore 'cause if you're going to leave a menacing letter you may as well spell the damn words correctly so that your point is understood.

A hui hou!