...welcome to the lion's den, temptation's on his way, welcome to the house of fun!
2k1 Sept 24 - 3:47 PM HST
**sigh ** There's nothing of importance to report for today. Work went by uneventfully - a short shift today as business is crud and "we've got to cut corners" - bleagh!

It's interesting that the corners snipped are those involving us hourly-wagers when a mere 2% cut from an Admin's salary would be multiple times the amount saved from cutting our shifts down. makes no sense...heh.

Since I returned home early this afternoon I had intentions of giving the rugrats outside a bath but the weather isn't cooperating with my plans. It's a little gloomy over the mountains and looks like it'll rain before dinner. The dogs are saved today - baths will be postponed 'til thursday morning. Lucky squirts.

Hmmm...seems like Feda is in a bind again. I guess I'll have to break out my cheery self tonight and distract him from his work. Oh wait, that's probably what got him into that bind. Oh well...guess I'll just have to buy him dinner then.

My current mood calls for the musical stylings of Madness...tah!