2k1 Sept 27 - 10:33 AM HST
Today marks the ninth memorial of my father's death. It's boggling to imagine that it's been that long since I last saw him and spoke to him. I sometimes find myself wondering if I can remember all the things he used to do and say, his favorite foods, his crackpot it's a memory checklist of things that I'm required to know to perpetuate his life.

Sadly, I think that I've forgotten a lot. But, surprisingly, I find myself remembering odd things when I'm in a situation that stirs up the memory pot.

On a recent drive to Kona we passed by Iwalani Place and I vividly remembered a moment back when I was about 7 or 8 when my dad first pointed out that road because we lived on Iwalani Street in Hilo. The recollection was a slightly jarring moment.

I wish he were here.