83 days 'til Christmas!
2k1 October 3 - 11:15 AM HST
Egads - it's October already. I should've guessed it from all the Halloween displays at Kmart two weeks ago - aisles chock full o' candy!

Work is going swimmingly and with some luck the local economy will keep it's positivity growing until the end of the year. This past weekend was probably the first one since the attacks that we've encountered rude people with insane demands - wow, what a welcome return.

I am so proud of myself - I finished a baby blanket for an expectant co-worker's shower - ahead of time! Plus, I'm 90% completed with my best friend's new baby's blanket! Oh yeah, this Queen of Procrastination is in a new weird mood. I even went as far as doing some scouting for Christmas presents yesterday after work! *gasp* Can you imagine? Moi, shopping for Christmas gifts before December 23rd?

I am very tempted to do a lot of online shopping for gifts like last year but I've decided that I will abstain in an attempt to stimulate the local economy here in Hilo. Actually, I like to "touch and feel" stuff before I buy. Yeah, I'm like a kid. Yesterday when I was in the Liberty House Christmas store I must've handled a few hundred ornaments much to the sales associate's consternation. That is if she actually observed me whilst she had a snippy conversation with her boyfriend for the entire half hour I browsed the store. There were wonderful blown glass tropical fish, tropical flowers, dolphins, seahorses, dragon fly, butterflies...*sigh* Note to Feda: We must get a live tree this year!

*yawn* oohkay, it's time for an icy can of Coke. I can feel my brain shriveling up. Hmmm...neat-O word, that shriveling.

Damn - no bread for toast. I'd better find some grub in the cupboard for lunch...