blackers crackers schmackers wackers trappers mappers wrappers!
2k1 October 10 - 2:24 PM HST
Craps - I have about 5 minutes to create this entry as I have once again fallen into the pit of timeless wonder after checking email.

Woe is the person with no time and lots of neat-O urls to check out.

Work - schmerk - werk - quirk - schquirt!

Where is my black skirt? Ai-yee! Where is my black sweater? Ai-yah!

BTW, our official dress code at RHHJ is black. Yeh - we've been trying to impress the rustic locals of this burg into thinking that black=expertise. Me: Uh, uhmm, yeah - $14,500 is really a bargain for this 2.003ct RBC SI/G diamond, Mr. Fong. [mental note: do not wear bright orange MXPX shirt under black jacket]

Okie - it's off to the diamond mines again. Ooohgah!

A hui hou!