Millefiori cookies!
2k1 October 11 - 12:07 PM HST
My two prized purchases from the weekend journey to Costco are a quart-sized bucket of Pillsbury Chocolate Cookie dough and a 4-tube box of Halloween sugar cookies with the colored dough pictures of jack 'o lanterns and witches, ie millefiori cookies. I think the latter are definitely a worthy contribution to American culture.

Oh wait - I also bought the newly released "Terminator" DVD...a big check mark on my master wish list. *sigh* Michael Biehn *sigh*

happy dance

Yesterday at work I received a phone call from our CEO/COO/VP/BigGaloot who happened upon a pricing "error" the manager made on a repair. The Big-G noticed that the manager had somehow discounted the job by 70% and I told Big-G that he often simply makes up his own prices for family/friends. Yeah, that's right, I am a squealer! I do my job correctly and uphold company policies and get squat credit for my accomplishments whilst Mr. Dingdong (the sound, not the pastry) is perpetually 'winging it' and gets credit for good things everyone else does.

Hmpfh - he's the kind of manager that has no clue as to the nuts & bolts of the necessary day-to-day tasks of store operation and doesn't care about them to boot, yet he gets into these moods where he needs to mark his territory as Mr. Dingdong by getting nit-picky about stuff he doesn't understand.

Anyway, Big-G had me leave a message for the Dingdong to correct the mistake with the customer. He wasn't surprised by my remark and even went as far as to say that he knows Dingdong goes well past fair when pricing. Heh heh heh. Bachi? Hmmm...almost, but not quite what I had in mind.

Eep - thankfully I have a good working relationship with Big-G and consider him more a co-worker than big boss. More importantly, Big-G is aware that I do my job and oftentimes more that what I am paid to do to keep the store running. *pat on the back" Now what can I do to get them to pay me more?

It's a gloomy, gray, rainy day in Hilo which ruins my hopes of giving the dogs a much needed bath. Lucky scrubs!

Heh - the glorious scent of chocolate chip cookies wafts throughout the house. Hmmm, I am in the mood for a big icy glass of milk. It'll go great with a plate of warm wonderful cookies. I am the lucky one!

Much of my afternoon will be spent prepping more fabric for transformation into blankets, Christmas gifts, in front of the television. Ah yes, I can be multi-tasking today!

If you've got the time check out Jezebel's Mirror. I think I got the link about a year ago off of Yahoo's site list and just happened to check it out again today. Heather Champ makes me want to venture outdoors and take some edgy pictures.

Give a dog a cookie and if she's Harriet she'll paw you for more!