spaghetti-Ohs aren't a travel-friendly meal
2k1 October 17 - 1:47 PM HST
My wednesday morning schedule was jam-packed with leisurely newspaper reading, a bowl of chowder for lunch and thrilling conversations, albeit one-sided, with Harriet whose sole contribution to the dialogue was a couple of barks when she heard my Gma walking around in the parlor.

Oh yeah, thrilling, indeed.

Seeing as how I've got about an hour left to get ready for work - how the heck did I get sucked into watching TWO hours of VH1's "Behind the Music?" - I've scratched off about a dozen tasks I had mentally written down for today. Nope, no time to read more of Black Hawk Down, nor did I have time to do a little sewing prep work, neither did I have the time to tend to the humungous pile of laundry sitting in the basement. Egads - I didn't even get to do some genealogy research.

Damn, I'm slipping off the wagon and heading towards that puddle of procrastination again.

At least I can be constructive and productive at work. Well, that's my plan for tonight anyway.

Mmmm...I'm gonna grab myself a parmesan pretzel too. Yeah, rewards are good.

*mumble* bbye

here's a pic of me and my best friend Karen