It's aloha Friday, no work 'til monday...da doop, dee doo, dee doop, dee doop, dee doop, dee doop, dee doo
2k1 October 18 - 7:17 PM HST
*bleagh* my fingers smell shrimpy. I need to rummage around in the cupboard for some vanilla extract to remove this malodorous aroma from my hands before work tomorrow.

Egads, I can just picture it now:
Me: Here you go madam, this is a finely crafted gold bracelet. Notice the workmanship and attention to detail!
Madam: *sniff sniff* eeewwww...what on good earth is that wretched smell?
Me: why, it's my hands, of course. Haven't you been keeping up with the latest trends featured in Elle, Vogue, and Rustic Princess? It's the newest and hottest thing - shrimpy fingers!
Madam: oh my, yes, shrimpy fingers. I thought you said crispy wingers. Of course I've heard of them. What kind of hoity-toit do you take me for? C'mere and give me a whiff, girly. And I'll take that $3K trinket too!

I'll make millions!
[doin' the Willow dance] interesting news and the only gossip I can spread is local stuff. Darn.

We received our shipment of Bulova watches at work last week and I went rummaging around looking for possible purchases - yeah, as if they actually offered us any kind of decent discount. Anyhoos, I was stricken with a pang of regret - big pang, big regret - when remembering the bee-u-t-ful Bulova sport watch I'd purchased 5 years ago for a then boyfriend (now ass).

The watch was a going-away gift for him given to him with hopes that I would leave such a big impression, so big that he'd desert his dreams of moving to Japan and stay here in Hawaii. Eew - too cheesy! Anyway, the gift was warmly received but the ass went 'byebye' and took the watch with him. Damn - I could've used the watch myself. It looked better on me too. *pbbbt*

During my Chaz period I was young, foolish and naive with an emphasis on the latter two qualities, and let his opinion matter more than mine. I was not necessarily spineless or brainless around him but for some reason my opinion didn't seem that important even when he asked. It seems like I was a completely different person back then and in fact, I probably wasn't. I think my personality was just very subdued, muted even, around him.

That I wasted my time and all that emotion is most regretful. I am proud that I learned a lesson from that experience - it wasn't even a relationship - and even more happy that I consider my opinion important, if not most important. It's vital to speak up, women! Heh...poor Feda. :)

Tomorrow is Aloha Friday - Chocolate creme Oreos all around!