60" three ring pool!
2k1 October 21 - 4:31 PM HST
wowee. It's blowin' up a storm here in Waikoloa. Feda and I ran away from Hilo-town for the weekend. Oh yeah, fun in the sun and nothing to really do but watch DVDs. Yep, that was the plan since we are both broke and payday is on monday.

We managed to play personal shopper for our parents on a trip into Kona. The obligatory stops included lunch at Wendy's and then hits at Costco and Kmart - now, with self-checkout stands!

Man, the weekend is almost over and I've got nothing to show for it. Yippee!

Our return trip to Hilo will be short and a little too soon.

bleagh - work tomorrow - but it's payday!