Where are you, Casper Woo?
2k1 November 7 - 5:03 PM HST
I fibbed and called in sick this morning. I woke up with a sense of dread at the thought of lugging my behind into work this afternoon for a scintillating six-hour retail shift. On top of that, my throat was acting oinky. So technically I am sick, just not sick as they'd like me to be to call in sick, so esentially I didn't fib.

I feel a little better now.

3 hours of VH1's Behind the Music took up most of my shed-joo-uhl this afternoon. I am ashamed. [/me hangs her head in shame] Yes, I actually took interest and paid attention to the trials & tribulations of the featured artists. I learned that Quincy Jones fathered seven children from three blondes and that Run from Run-DMC is now a legitimate Reverend. Oh, oh...did you know that Flava Flav can play 13 instruments?

My mind is filled with tidbits of trivia like that, go figure.

Yippee - my sweet googley bear [Mike Wazowski] is picking up some dinner before he comes over! Fried saimin? Won ton min soup? A Cafe 100 beach boy bento? Oh wait, he's going to McD's. Monsters, Inc. toys! woohoo!

MIA "I shall be back" - Casper Woo