T-19 days and counting...need a gift idea? Well, come on over!
2k1 December 6 - 10:06 AM HST
Feda and I have somewhat moved into our home in Paradise Park. Somewhat being the key word. I've moved a fraction of my clothes and other junk over to the house, slowly and sporadically over the past week. My entire DVD collection is there, of course, to entertain us when conversation starts moving towards the intricacies of craft glue and ribbon folding.

You see, or read rather, Feda and I are making our Christmas tree garland out of red, white and blue ribbon stars. These sparkly stars are lovingly strung onto tsuji (fishing line) with red, white and blue beads interspersed (hmm, a word?) amongst them. Our tree will be bedecked with said garland, sprigs of faux berries and lovely plaster ornaments handpainted by local artisans. Oh yes, this will be a tree to remember -- one to Ooh and Aah at!

Woo - I feel a bit woozy from that little Martha Stewart moment. Hey, this promethezine/codeine cough medication works wonders!

HOT FLASH! Casper Woo is back and badder than ever!

Only 9 days until Leigh graduates from Purdue!