gratuitous male nudity in Horatio Hornblower!
18 December 2k1 - 8:15 PM HST
Tomorrow is Lord of the Rings day! Wow - Elijah Wood is all grown up and hey, is that Sean Astin? Damned forces of evil they call administration - I have to work the evening shift tomorrow! ACK! No LOTR on opening day - woe is me... *sniff*

Feda is watching the first of the last two episodes of Horatio Hornblower tonight. Mutiny - madness - male buttocks! All in one A&E presentation...

Everyone go and visit CosmicFish's diary and read about her new-found romance with PaulyDood. It'll melt the icicles off your wintry homes - well, all of you living outside of balmy Hawaii.

Tonight's menu included a delightful fruity melange of colorful rice flakes swimming in a chilled milk broth, Pastrami on toast and crispy potato slivers. Feda and I were a bit lazy and even the thought of making instant ramen was too distressing. BTW, Safeway has a sale on Fruity or Cocoa Pebbles - 3 boxes for $6.99!

The rest of this evening shall be spent in bed with my "current" copy of Entertainment Weekly or possibly re-reading another Lucas Davenport novel by John Sanford. Hmmm...what to do, what to do?