Mele Kalikimaka a me Hauoli Makahiki Hou!
2k1 December 23 - 3:53 AM HSt
Ai-yah! The time is a-creepin' towards four AM and I need to get to bed. I got caught up in my gift wrapping mode once I realized that I had two days to get things decorated AND delivered in time for the big X-day. Hmmm, I think that Karen & clan out there in South SanFran are getting their goodies a little belatedly. My big bad - every year I procrastinate on boxing up her stuff and then it's too late to send it to make it there before the holiday. You'd think I'd learn...

Tonight - earlier tonight, that is - was a rather crappy evening. I had to work a 2-11pm shift and had assumed that the mall would be filled with procrastinators like myself. Not even! The crowds thinned out by 7pm and my co-workers and I were left to our wits to figure out how to pass the time! Can you believe it? THREE shopping days left and we've got time to catch up on our eating and snacking. Sheesh.

Actually, it was fortuitous that people weren't running around in the store as we needed the time to do some manual accounting and inventory work since the computer was acting hinky once again. Interesting how we seem to have major software problems only after the manager has to close a busy night. The Inventory dept head who is temporarily in charge of our IT department was incommunicado today working at his lucrative job as a concierge at a major Waikiki hotel so we had to "bear with it" and do the reconciling manually.

My head hurts from all the arithmetic excercise!

I need chocolate!

Feda should find some neat-O gifts under the tree tomorrow morning. I have another one to wrap but that'll have to wait until tomorrow at work. I've got it stashed where he can't possibly find it...heh heh...just under his nose.

Okay - sleep make raevyn very happy. G'night!