Bergulkutt, you're troll dung!
2k1 December 25 - 12:02 AM HST
Merry Christmas! Me-ri Ku-ri-su-ma-su! Mele Kalikimaka!

I made it! I survived! I don't need to wrap Christmas gifts for another year! We had a banner day for sales at work considering the economy here; nothing record-breaking but surprisingly brisk. Unfortunately I didn't make my personal goal of $50K this year - not even close. Damn, no new DVD archive or even a new coat of paint for my Wagoneer. Hrmf - I can still take Feda out for a nice dinner though so I guess it's alright. =)

Everyone was in a festive mood and our little office space was jam-packed with chocolate goodies, holiday cookies, bubbly sodas and tasty little roll-up sandwiches that we munched on throughout the day. Nothing could dampen our spirits - not even that crotchety old hag that came into the store at 5:45pm to see if she could special order a pendant for her granddaughter for Christmas. Egads - talk about biting my tongue. I tink shwee hab a kwissmass twee stug ub har ab! Bitd!

Feda and I cheated and opened up a few gifts earlier tonight after cleaning the house in preparation for his parents' visit tomorrow. Now he's wrapped up in a warm blanket on the sofa watching Willow while I search out internet bargains on eBay.

Ah...the comforts of home!

The skies tonight are clear and bright and it's damn cold here in Paradise Park. My toes are half numb and I'm wishing I'd brought over my winter clothes from Colorado...'specially my parka!

Here's wishing you all a warm, safe, festive, food-filled Christmas Day!