Feda did the dishes - miraculous!
2k1 December 27 - 9:19 PM HST
Wow. What a difference $2500 makes! I broke my slug streak (cross my fingers, toss some salt, shake a bunch of ti leaves) this afternoon when I helped a lovely young man pick out a beautiful diamond engagement ring. Woohoo! It was one of the most effortless presentations I've done in...well, I don't remember...but it was all good! I am hoping that this event will be a catalyst for more bountiful and productive days (ie *kaching*)...

My slump was much too long and scarily so. I don't think I've had such a slow Christmas season than when I first started. It seems that I was constantly busy taking care of a administrative duties that were dropped by the big boss instead of taking care of sales. As if I had the opportunity! Man, I am going to give him an earful at our next store meeting. The jerk.

Here's a more interesting topic: Feda and I had our second day of Prime Rib leftovers for dinner. Yep, all we needed was a fresh bowl of Caesar salad and it would've been kick ass.

We viewed "Hedwig and the Angry Inch" the other night, an interesting, entertaining film with a rather odd ending. Odd in the sense that it left me quizzing Feda if I'd missed something during the first two hours. Is Hedwig really bisexual or is Hedwig merely gay or is Hedwig a bisexual transexual? Is Hedwig using Yitzhak for physical pleasure or merely to control her emotions? Is Yitzhak really that hairy or was it all an edgy front? All these questions!