No work 'til tuesday! Woo-hoo!
2k1 December 28 - 6:37 PM HST
Woohoo! Day #2 of my Diamond streak! I sold another Platinum diamond engagement ring today - only $6500 left 'til I make my goal!

Okie, today's sale was dog luck, I admit, but I did a very thorough and informative presentation. Mr. Gates - Mike, not Bill - was very happy with his wife's birthday ring. I am very happy with his wife's diamond ring!

Today also marked day two of the local FootAction's closing out sale. 75% off everything in the store - people were lined up outside the entrance when I arrived at work this morning, an hour before the mall opens! They were jam-packed fighting over athletic shoes and socks - man, how scary it would be to imagine if it were a women's shoe store...

I have the weekend off so I am looking forward to sleeping in and catching up on my reading. *smile* it's going to be wondrous!