Hugs & smooches for 2K2 from me to you!
2k1 December 30 - 8:22 PM HST
Feda and I zipped over to the west side of the island yesterday to see Lord of the Rings with his parents. This was the second viewing for us and definitely not the last. The film was just as fabulous to experience as a repeat and I even picked up little tidbits that had initially gone unnoticed!

I was so moved that I am making it a resolution for 2k2 to find that copy of The Hobbit my mother gave me when I was in fourth grade. I know I've got it stashed somewhere in the basement!

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Wow - the year is about to conclude in a matter of hours now. I have hopes that life in 2002 will be filled with as many experiences as 2001 - good, bad, sad, mad, funny and fizzy, bubbly, sweet, sour, chocolatey, nutty snacks! At midnight tomorrow I shall wish for health, wealth and prosperity for all of you and your sweeties!

Happy New Year! Shinnen akemashite omedetou! Hauoli Makahiki Hou!