buggeredly bugs
2k2 January 3 - 12:12 AM HST
3 days until the landing of Yamatoilet upon our big island. Wow - another diaryland-er and fellow IRC-er in the house. Egads - I hope she's remembering to bring her computer and an extra coil of phone cord 'cause there ain't no cable connection out here in Paradise Park!

Note to Yam-a-toe: bring clothes, CDs, DVDs, games, crayons and snacks. Just think of it as a five month long slumber party! Hmmm...'cept that we have to go to work five days a week and errr, the neighbors are kinda elderly so they probably aren't gonna enjoy our lively movie watching. Damn. Well, bring some books too.

Oh crap - Feda is getting annoyed by my rapid typing in the dark. Bugger!

g'nite all!