Email - my ass!
2k2 January 9 - 9:37 PM HST
Damn those customer service buffoons at Entertainment Weekly! I've been receiving my issues up to 6 weeks late - a problem if you want to read about the "Fall Movie Preview" before the Fall arrives. Anyhoos, I've been emailing every few weeks or so to find out why in the heck my magazines are arriving so delayed. Everytime I get back a response that is something to the effect of "we are too lazy to check to see if our mailing department is doing their job and we are certain that it's the US Postal Service's problem," blah blah blah. Blah!

I would cancel my subscription but I bloody love that damn magazine 'cause it makes me feel like I am 'in the know,' as Feda would say. Damn. If only I had internet access at work and could peruse websites that have inside information all day long, just like Feda. Then I could write "" back and tell them to *^[+~)@|*!