Cosmicfish-y is gone and it's all paulydood's fault. Paulydood sucks.
2k2 Jan 13 - 11:31 PM HST
my first work-free weekend has come and gone like a bitchslap from an enemy.

wow. where did that come from?

I am not ready to face a monday at work. Nope, not ready at all. It's that time of the year...that special season. That change in the weather that makes me want to give my two-weeks' notice and scream "crappers, all of you!"

Damn. I want to go back to school!

My cousin Leigh is starting her first post-undergrad semester at UH-Manoa tomorrow. She's living up on Oahu now after a painfully short move back home to Hilo. Painful to me 'cause now I miss her more than when she hauled up to Indiana. Damn, I'm just gonna have to visit her on the weekends!

Life here in Paradise Park has been slightly less Paradise-y. We've been adjusting to a new housemate and that housemate has been adjusting to me. Poor Feda has had to play Switzerland, if you get my drift. I am going to take up amateur yoga in the hopes that it'll teach me tolerance and patience and flexibility. [raevyn attempts to twist legs over shoulders and fails] *%#@$!

Experience Casper Woo's introduction to the world of DVD. Ah yes, he is now interested in a new DVD player after a few weeks have passed since acquiring his current model. The desired machine can play *gasp* PAL & NTSC!! Ooooh... I can bet that Feda is drooling now! Oh yes, he is hooked.