2k2 January 15 - 11:43 PM HST
Update: check out today's Fox Trot by Bill Amend.

If you want to laugh so hard you pee your pants please be sure to visit Pythoness' diary and learn about her latest encounter with The Crazy Lady.'s almost as funny as the Vagina cream lady!

Thank bejebus I don't work that kind of retail!

Tonight's movie night @ Frossie's was a 7 showing of "Legally Blonde." A cute comedy that was blessedly short and filled with enough plot to make it a 7. Oh yeah - Luke Wilson's in this one. *smile* This was the first film that I've seen Reese Witherspoon in since "Man in the Moon." Nope, I don't count that flaky re-do of "Dangerous Liaisons" with that ex-All My Children floozy a film. I was pleased to see that her performance wasn't too canned. I do like MITM more - it's a 9!

This weekend's plans with Feda will most likely include a viewing of "Black Hawk Down." I am looking forward to seeing Orlando Bloom (LOTR's Legolas)once again. *smile*

Alrighty - enough Ebert for tonight. The bed calls out to me and I need some extra Zs.