Grampy snacks
2k2 January 29 - 10:58 PM HST
If all goes according to plan, tomorrow will be spent lounging in bed with some bubble reading and perhaps, even light conversation with Feda. Oh yes, I just want to kick back and read and do nothing all day long...that's if the plan works. No rude, twangy out-of-towners to patronize despite their past-century mentality. No incessant ringing of the phone and fax machine all day long. No mall food for lunch! All that will make me a very happy camper if the plan works. The plan being that this unusual storm system doesn't run out of rain tonight and continues to dump buckets over Hilo, adding to the 17" we've already received since last night...

This morning I had a near-perfect cup of cocoa on my commute to town. Wow - that sounds so grown-up and so mainland-ish to say "commute." Egads - I live 20 minutes away from town and it's already a commute...perhaps if I had to walk or even bike?!? Anyhoos, I digress - the near-perfect cocoa consisted of half-boiling water and half-skim milk mixed with Swiss Miss Milk Chocolate Hot Chocolate mix. What a mouthful of words. Near-perfect because I omitted the marshmallow creme. Ai-yah! Yep, a habit I picked up from a friend in Colorado during my freshman year there. She introduced me to that wonderfully sinful American treat - marshmallow creme! *ahhhhh*

Tonight's DVD showing was Feda's pick: "American Movie." It was a documentary of the making of an independent film called "Coven" - pronounced Coe-vin, because the writer/producer/director thought it's proper pronunciation sounds too much like "oven." I rate it a 6 mainly because it was a little too hard life for me to watch. The filmmaker's aged Uncle Bill, exec producer of "Coven," reminded me of my recently passed Grandfather.

My Grandfather loved cheesy snacks almost as much as he loved his 1886 tobacco - Crunchy Cheetos, Handi-snaks Cheese 'n crackers, Cheese Ritz Bits, Cheddar cheese Goldfish. I'd make trips to Costco to buy them for him and when I'd present them to him he'd say "whoa, get plenty stuff, yeah" and smile at the cornucopia of snacks. He'd sit on his chair in front of the tv, smoking his pipe and carefully open up that hermetically sealed packet of cheese and crackers - sometimes even using his pocket knife to cut through that plastic so that he wouldn't break the crackers. oh yeah, he was happy with his Grampy snacks.