Just-because gifts
2k2 February 8 - 1:06 AM HST
Crud. Another day gone by...SWOOSH. Just like that. Damn. Here I was planning to enter this wonderful entry and the evening just flies by.

Wednesday turned out to be a banner day in the romance department. Sheesh - how corny does that sound? Anyway, that doesn't matter beans --- *guffaw* --- 'cause Feda is the best boyfriend! I walked to my Jeep after work that night and found on my dashboard, a heart shaped box chock full of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups! Woohoo - Sweets from my Sweetie! BUT IT GETS BETTER! After I drive the 17+ miles home trying to figure out a way to one-up him the next day I return home and find a little surprise on the bathroom counter: a very neat-O Hello Kitty makeup bag full of Hello Kitty polish, glitter, glitter hand sanitizer (cleans and sparkles!), and a Hello Kitty nail clipper! BUT IT GETS BETTER! After the hugs and smooches are doled out Feda tells me, "they're 'just because' gifts."

How can I one-up "just-because" gifts?!? They're the coolest because they're spontaneous, imagination-filled and "just-because!"