Hurray - Entry #104
2k2 February 18 - 10:10 PM HST
Shocking! To think that I've had enough garbage to post for a hundred entries. Hopefully, I've taught a few readers about life in rustic Hilo. At least a bit of trivia about Big Island weather, too. For the love of bejebus, someone has to have at least tried some of the recipes I've meticulously posted!

My new goal for entries #105 thru #200 are to entertain and entice you to visit daily as if I'd given you "a chemical to crave it fortnightly." It should be duly noted that I will be posting pictures.

I've spent the bulk of my non-working hours this weekend reading the diary of Cleopatragb. Interesting & emotion-stirring. Read this entry about her brother Jake. The writers of "All My Children" would behoove themselves to take a gander at this chick's life! Then, perhaps, we wouldn't have to endure silly plotlines like Erica's 44th life-threatening car crash and *ugh* Brooke's 10th engagement and *gulp* Jesse's return from the grave. And what the hell is Anna Lavery doing in Pine Valley? I thought they'd taken care of her in Port Charles in that elevator accident...damn.

okay - slip off the road, there. And with that I shall close with an inspirational message: Feda - "I'm gonna poop now."